This site

This site was developed as a side project to help students and new graduates (and anyone else of course) explore career options. The two questions this site tries to help with are:

  1. Give me some ideas for careers I could have with education X, and
  2. What's a path to get to job title Y?
The traffic to this site has been steadily growing, so I think it hits a chord. It doesn't provide the perfect answer to what career one should take - that's up to the individual, but hopefully it provides a few extra data points on what others have done before.


Data from this site is collected by scraping publicly available resumes from the web. Industries this site has scraped some data about so far:

  • Technology
  • Software
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • careers for Bachelor of Arts in general

I'll continue to add more data each week there's a lot of industries I haven't looked at. I'd also be happy to open this site up to college or university career centres who might feel this tool could be leveraged for the benefit of their students.


If you have improvement suggestions, ideas on how to use this site, technical questions, or requests for more data on certain industries, feel to free to message me on LinkedIn.

PS. This is a personal site maintained purely as a hobby.

- Sasi (Feb 2019)